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Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, bed bugs are at an all-time high in the U.S. Upside? We have the most advanced technology to solve the problem. It starts with intense thermal treatment – and we always win the battle.

Chemical Treatments

We use the most advanced chemicals to treat your home for bed bugs. We use a combination of a residual chemical that lasts up to 90 days and a dust that we use in voids and under baseboards.

We do a follow-up treatment 14-21 days after to ensure we have rid your home of bed bugs. Our chemical treatments do not come with a guarantee.

Go Green!

We offer eco-friendly pest control options with pesticides that are only OMRI certified.


If they aren’t caught quickly, it can get costly. Termites feed on your investments, literally. Don’t let them damage your foundation or insulation. Get us on the job, and we’ll stop a termite feast from wreaking havoc. We always provide a FREE termite inspection if you think you may have termites.

Full Perimeter Soil Treatment

If termites are found in multiple locations in the home we suggest a full perimeter treatment. In this process, we inject a pesticide into the soil surrounding your building. This includes a 2-year warranty that can be renewed yearly at an extra cost.

Spot Treatment

In some cases where termites are only found in one place, we can spot treat the soil in that area to kill the colony. This process does not include a warranty but is very effective for small areas where termites are found.

Bait Stations

This is a great way to ensure your home stays termite-free. We can install bait stations around your home that has termiticide in a food source. The goal of these stations is to have the termites feed on the wood and take the chemical back to the colony before ever reaching your home. These stations are checked on a monthly basis by a Swift Pest Control professional.


In a word? Gross. We get it. And we can get them gone – fast. At the first sign of roaches, give us a call, and we’ll be out to restore order (and your sanity).


Keep creepy crawlers at bay. We’re pros at eliminating unwanted eight-legged intruders. Give us a call at the first sign of spiders – and we’ll help you reclaim your sanity.

General Pests

Pests come in all shapes, sizes and forms. We handle them all – from ants, ticks and mosquitoes to fleas, rodents and beyond.

They don’t call us Swift for nothing!

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