How to Identify a Termite 

Termites can cause major structural damage to homes, buildings and wooden furniture. People usually only see termites inside when an infestation is already well established, termites may be found outside around dead tree stumps and rotting boards.  Things to look for when identifying a termite.  First look at the wings and antennae that will help you identify a bug as a termite. You should also look for signs of an infestation, like mud tubes and droppings. If you have a termite infestation, consult a professional for treatment.

Swarming Habits of Oklahoma Termites

The eastern subterranean termite swarms during the day from March to May.
The arid-land subterranean termite swarms during the day in the spring and fall.
The dark southeastern subterranean termite swarms in the daylight from March to June, and occasionally in the fall.

Although drywood termites are not in Oklahoma, it is possible for termites to travel in wooden objects, such as furniture and wine crates. Drywood termites have been found in areas far from their established bases. A licensed termite inspector can help identify species not native to the state.
In states like Oklahoma where termites are fairly active and widespread, it is essential to maintain an effective termite prevention and control program.

If you own a home in Oklahoma, call Swift Pest Control Services to discuss termite control methods that will help protect your home from termite infestations and damage.