What Are Ants?

Ants work together in a large group and have a very detailed social structure.  Ants have a variety of color.  Yellow, red, brown or black and sometimes a combo of colors.  All ants have the same body parts including a head, mid section and abdomen.  They each have a pair of bent antennae and only the reproductive members have wings.  Ants are the most common pests in your home.  Two types of ants: Odorous House Ant and the Fire Ant.  

Odorous House Ants

Small species of ants that produce an unpleasant smell.  When this type of ant is crushed it leaves a nasty smell that is similar to a rotten coconut.  

Fire Ant

These ants are small as well but very aggressive.  They will bite and sting anything they see as a threat, often attacking in large groups.  

                  Are Ants Just a Nuisance?

Ants are not just a nuisance but also dangerous. Odorous Ant is an example of a nuisance.  They are difficult to get rid of, but are not a health risk or danger to people.  They also will not cause any damage to your home or buildings.   Fire ants are considered a dangerous ant that can cause property damage.  These ants will do anything to protect themselves and their nests.  They latch onto the skin of their victims with a painful sting and inject venom.  The venom is strong enough to cause problems and if attacked by a large group it can become life-threatening.  

How do I Get Rid of Ants?

A qualified professional is the easiest way to control and prevent ant infestations.  At Swift Pest Control our technicians have the knowledge and experience to help get rid of ants.   Also, here are a few tips to help prevent these pests from coming onto your property.

Ant Prevention Tips 

  1.  Seal as many entry points as possible.
  2.  Caulk cracks and crevices
  3.  Make sure all screens are in place
  4.  Install weather stripping around windows and doors
  5.  Place door sweeps on all exterior doors
  6.  Trash cans should have tight lids
  7.  Keep outdoor eating areas clean of trash
  8.  Woodpiles placed away from your home
  9.  Create a stone barrier between the foundation and grass or mulch