Concrete flooring is very durable and resilient. You don’t have to worry about things like high heels, pet claws or furniture legs damaging its surface.  There are many types of overlays to choose from and concrete floors are very easy to maintain.    

Concrete Floor Coverings

Sealed: Concrete that is sealed is coated with acrylic resins, penetrating silicates, epoxies or urethanes making it very stain resistant.

PolishedPolished concrete is a low maintenance floor that doesn’t need to be waxed or recoated.  It is a process that has options of a  matte to a high gloss finish.  Its durable and stain resistant.

Stained: If grey isn’t a color that fits into your décor, there are stains in a wide variety of colors to change the look of the concrete.   The stains penetrate the concrete and are permanent. The finish can then be sealed, polished or left unsealed.

Stamped: This technique can make a concrete floor look like stone, brick or even wood. The concrete is usually stained and can be left unsealed or sealed to make it more durable.

Painted: While concrete and stain pair up pretty good on the other hand oil-based or latex paint do not.   If the surface has been polished or sealed, the paint will not adhere properly, and peeling will occur.

Unsealed: Poured concrete without any additional treatment is unsealed. This leaves the surface naturally porous which makes it easy for stains, particularly liquid stains like oil.

Cleaning Concrete Floors

Easy Clean Up Steps:

Remove Surface Dust and Debris
Sweep, vacuum or dust mop regularly to help prevent scratches from dirt and grit.

Weekly, mix two gallons of warm water and two teaspoons dishwashing liquid in a bucket or sink. Mop the floor with the solution. Go back over the floor with clean water to rinse away any soapy residue. Allow the floor to air-dry.


Do not use harsh cleaners, which can break down and dull the sealant. Reseal as recommended by the installer.  

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