If your pets have fleas and/or ticks, you rush to the pet store to get all the things to control the fleas and ticks. You then vacuumed the house, car and wash everything to get rid of these pesky blood sucking parasites. But there is another step you need to take to make sure all your hard work is worth it.  Many people don’t think about how much time their pets spend outside in the yard. Treating your pets for fleas and ticks is the first step to eliminating these pests but also treating your yard is just as important.

Tips on how to keep fleas & ticks off your pets and out of your yards & homes

Mowing and Pruning

Look around your yard. Fleas love to camp out in places where they are protected from sunlight and have higher humidity. This includes your dog’s house, sleeping and feeding areas, and underneath lawn structures. Ticks do best in tall grasses and branches. To help keep these pest out of your yard make sure to trim grass, trees and shrubs.  Clean up debris and leaves. Sweep patios, decks and lawn furniture. Remove or secure  garbage cans that may attract rodents or small animals that could be carrying fleas and ticks.

Check Pets In Your Home

If your pet is scratching it could be a sign of fleas.  Inspect the skin by moving fur around to see if fleas are present.  Also, Inspect your pet’s bedding for signs of fleas. A pet bed is one of the most common places to find fleas since they often attack while an animal is resting or eating. These same signs may be evident anywhere the pet hangs out, such as on the couch or on your bed sheets.


Keeping yards clean and free of debris could help break the flea and tick life cycle. If you have a major infestation the next step would be to call a professional.  Some pest control companies like Swift Pest Control Services offer Eco Friendly treatments that are safe for pets and humans. If you decide to treat your yard just make sure the chemicals that you are using aren’t harmful.  Treat fleas in shady humid areas such as shade trees, under decks and around pet feeding and watering areas.  Also keep an eye on your pets, if they are scratching excessively they might have fleas.

Swift Pest Control Services can inspect and treat your yard and home to help break the life cycle of fleas and ticks. If you have any questions or need more information about our Eco Friendly pest control services please contact us at (405) 887-9438.