Stained concrete is environmentally friendly. Wood, faux wood, carpet or tile will more than likely end up in landfills when no longer needed.  Stained concrete gives a variety of design, flexibility and versatility. Your color and pattern options are limitless, so whether your interior happens to be industrial, modern, traditional or earthy, you can easily find products that will deliver the look you want.  There is no other way to get this type of decorative floor finish and since no two floors will look alike, stained concrete has its own personality. 

Family members that suffer from sensitivities and allergies can avoid triggers that carpeting attracts, including dust mites and moisture. Even chemical spills stand up to concrete floor stain products. Further, some stain applications may produce energy efficiencies since concrete absorbs sunlight that is released into rooms once the sun sets.


  1. This floor isn’t for bare footers. Stained concrete floors while beautiful are not conducive to comfort if you roam around in bare feet because not only is concrete cold but it can be hard to stand on it for long periods of time – which means that household tasks like washing dishes and other jobs can be uncomfortable. This is especially true for people with arthritis, bone and joint issues.
  1. If you drop things, it will break Cushioned flooring options – tile, carpet and some woods – tend to have some “give” that makes standing on them for longer periods of time easier and with these flooring options
  1. Staining a concrete floor takes time. Depending upon the staining product you choose, you could spend from two to five days applying this finish. Concrete slabs in new homes will need to cure before stains can be applied. Newly poured and custom-detailed concrete floors can take weeks to install and finish.
  1. You may not want to do the job yourself. Though the process of concrete floor staining is relatively straightforward – clean the cement, apply the stain, clean and neutralize the stain and seal the surface – this is a job best left to experts. A contractor skilled in the art of concrete floor staining will cost you extra money but stain is permanent so if you make mistakes, there’s no going back.

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