Get control of a crowded or cluttered space, seal baseboards, chair and/or crown moldings, window frames, door frames, paneled walls., etc.  If you live in row homes, condos or apartments it maybe harder to eliminate without the cooperation of all tenants connected to your home. But good news is in many cases two or three services may be all that is necessary to eliminate the problem.  However, there are some cases that require a greater number of visits before the problem is resolved. 


Clutter is probably the biggest issue that stands in the way of control. Closets that are filled with belongings, items stored under beds or furniture, piles of clothing or other items on the floor, etc. all provide an unlimited number of hiding bed bugs. 

Start looking for a professional company to help eliminate these pests.  Consumers must do homework to determine the best company for the job.  Some companies that offer a guarantee to get rid of BBs within 1 or 2 visits may not really know what they are up against.  Although this might seem comforting the companies that are saying it could take 3-7 visits to get rid of the problem probably has a better understanding and in the long run is probably better equipped to deliver a higher level of control.  

Therefore, although eliminating bed bugs from a home is possible, the treatments involve time and detail that could take several treatments to control a bed bug problem. 

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