Springtime is typically when termites start to swarm and make new colonies.  The swarms happen very fast but they also die very quickly.  So, if you don’t see them swarming but do see them dead this is a sign that termites are present.  

Signs of Termites

The tunnels that termites build are also evidence that they are taking up residence in your home. If you see pencil sized mud tunnels on any exposed wood or exterior foundation areas, you should contact a termite professional immediately. Many people find these tunnels when they are working on remodels in their homes. They take away a section of wall for work and are surprised to find eaten wood and termite tunnels within.

Termites eat wood from the inside out. But if you tap on it with a knife handle or poke with a flat-head screwdriver the wood sounds hollow or could break with a small tap.  If you have mulch piles or wood piles close to your home, you may find termites hiding.  Termites are usually clear or white in color and have no eyes. If you find these pests in your wood piles, you will need  to call a professional to help you get rid of them.

In some cases termites will appear after water damage. A leak from a busted pipe or run-off from the garden that gets into your foundation can make walls and beams damp and attract termites to the area. It is common for homeowners to be confused if they are looking at water damage or termite damage. When termites are present, they bring small bits of dirt into the wood. It is very common for water-soaked wood to have termite damage as well.

How quickly do Termites work?

Even though they consistently eat, they work very slowly. It can take up to five years for a colony of termites to do enough damage to the structure of a home.  But eliminating them before they cause serious damage can be tricky if you aren’t sure that you have termites. You can use the steps above to determine if you have a termite problem, then you can bring in a professional to determine the corrective actions that can be taken to remove them from your home.