Swarming Months

March, April and May are swarming months for termites in Oklahoma but did you know ants also swarm during these months. One of the hardest parts of termite control is trying to figure out is it termites or winged ants your dealing with. Most ants do swarm in the summer but they can swarm anytime from spring to fall. So, you could see small, winged insects in your home. This article will help you understand the difference between termites and flying ants.

Difference Between Termites & Flying Ants

Termite: Have four wings and are exactly the same shape and length. In fact they are almost as long as their body.  You can find more often than not discarded termite wings in places like window sills or doorways. Termite wings have a silvery sheen to them and may look similar to fish scales.
Ant: like the termite have four wings but are different in sizes. The two front wings are much larger than the two back wings and are much shorter than termite wings. They are also the same length as the body.

Termite:  The antennae is beaded, straight and points directly in front of them . It can be difficult to see these beads if your not familiar.
Ant: Have bent antennaes that are attached to the sides of the ant’s heads and then stick out sideways. About halfway down  they bend forward  in the direction that the ant’s head is facing.

Termite: termites are thick wasted and can be difficult to identify other sections of its body.  A termite’s body might look more like a rectangle than any other shape.
Ant: very thin waisted. You can see the separation of their body. While termites appear to be straight or rectangular, ants appear to have more of an hourglass shape.

Its hard to determine if termites or flying ants are swarming your home but rest assured the experts a Swift Pest Services will inspect, identify the pests and start a treatment plan.