The recent rain falls and the warmer temperatures this is a perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed in. What can you do to help get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard? Our experts at Swift Pest Control give some suggestions on how to decrease the chances that a mosquitoes will breed in your yard this summer.

In order to successfully remove mosquitoes from the yard you need to understand their breeding cycles, habits and habitats.   The mating pattern only takes one encounter to produce eggs up to five times in a summer.  Once the female has mated she will rest for a few days and then start looking for the perfect location to lay her eggs.  The life cycle of the mosquito is from as little as a week to as long as several months.  In order to reduce the number of mosquitos you need to eliminate the breeding grounds on your property.

Stagnant Water Areas

Gutters, Planters and pots, Kids Toys, Tires, Tarps, areas in your yard that puddle after a rain, Open trash cans or buckets, and bird baths are just a few examples you need to pay attention to.  After each rain inspect your yard to make sure there isn’t standing water.  In addition to reducing stagnate water Swift Pest Control suggests hiring a professional to help the mosquito control all summer long.  See below service options.

  • One-time service:  Ideal for a special event, but only prevent mosquitoes for a few weeks.
  •  Seasonal Service:  This service is conducted every 21 days for the months of May through September to help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

At Swift Pest Control, our seasonal service treatments is recommended every three weeks during the summer months.  You can start a seasonal treatment at any point as long as it is within the season.  Mosquitoes can ruin a lot of fun summer activities but if you inspect for breeding grounds and have a mosquito service in place your family and friends will be protected all summer long.

To schedule a Swift Pest Control seasonal mosquito service click HERE to Get a Real Time Quote.  Now your on your way to a “bite-free” summer.