Steam Cleaning

From carpets to couches, tile to hardwoods, we can clean and revitalize almost any surface.

Carpet Cleaning

Sniff-test approved

Clean is a guarantee. We use high powered and CNG-operated carpet cleaning vans to get your carpets lay-down-and-take-a-nap clean. Toxic smells? We’re not about that. We use enriched chemicals and natural deodorizers to help your carpets smell great again.

Spot Removal

We’ve seen everything and we can make stains go away. Even those pesky bleach marks. Or that wine stain from the friend who talks with their hands. Whatever your stain woe, can handle it.

Pet Treatment

Fido is great and all. But the precious present he left for you shouldn’t leave a lasting impression on your stuff. Whether it’s pet stains or unpleasant odor issues, we can get your upholstery and carpets pristine again.

RX20 Deep Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, traditional jobs can only do so much. With RX20, we’re able to deep clean and restore areas of damaged, matted-down carpet. Thanks to this powerful machine’s three moving heads and 150 RPM circulation, we can get just about anything out of your carpet.


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Carpet Stretching and Repair

Get your rug right

When your carpet has lived a decent life, lines and lumps happen. We can smooth and stretch nuisance areas. Our technicians fix carpet seams, remove ripples and handle transition repairs with ease.

Upholstery Cleaning

Less dinge. More luster.

Enjoy sitting on your couch again. Or that easy chair. Or that antique from that distant relative, twice removed. We can clean most upholstery surfaces, so you can get back to that long-loved place to park it.

Rug Cleaning

Have a rug that is looking a bit dingy? Swift offers rug cleaning from oriental rugs, wool rugs, polyester rugs, cotton rugs, and more. We can clean the rug in place at your, home or pick your rug up, clean it at our facility, and return it to you in 24 hours.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Resurfacing

You aren’t dull. Your floors shouldn’t be either.

Hardwood needs some love. Our high-powered buffers and cleaning solutions are made to break through dirt and grime buildup, to get wood flooring back to its original beauty. Whether you’re dealing with typical wear and tear or scratching and marring, our team offers a variety of cleaning and resurfacing solutions.

Hard Surface Steam Cleaning

Like a spa day for any surface

Dingy grout lines? Dirty and worn-down wood floors? We can steam just about anything. Showers, granite, Formica, garage floors… any place that could use some love (and sanitizing). Even those hard-to-reach places, like that grout behind the toilet. Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs and dust mites.

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