If your going to hire a Professional…

Stains: To clean small spots is easy.  (Click here for DIY tips).  If you have pet orders, stubborn stains or furniture that needs a deep cleaning, you will probably want to hire a professional steam cleaning company


Review Warranty:  Furniture still under warranty? Cleaning it on your own could cancel the warranty. Read over it carefully before you start to clean. If you decide to hire a professional its important to discuss the warranty before they begin the work. There could be steps they’ll need to take to maintain your warranty. If you have any questions about the warranty contact the company that holds the policy.


Ask about equipment:  If you’re having a full-room cleaning, including carpet just make sure the company you hire is equipped with a truck-mounted steam cleaner.  For furniture only, a portable steam cleaner should do the job. 


How often to clean Keeping furniture in a good condition free of dirt and grim a deep cleaning is recommended every 12-24 months.  Swift Flooring Services has all the equipment required to do the job.   


Preventative Care


Vacuum: Maintained your furniture in between deep cleanings. On a weekly basis use a vacuum with attachments to pick up crumbs and dust. 


Clean spills immediately: Use a light-colored cloth and blot on the spot immediately. Next use a clean, damp cloth (with no soap), blot the stain again to remove remaining soap. Once that step is completed then use a clean microfiber cloth to blot it dry. Have a leather couch? Check out this How To. When spills happen get it soaked up quickly. If it leaves a spot, follow instructions on the care label. If it’s safe to use water, alternate a wet towel and then a dry towel until the spot is removed.


Treat the stain: Best practice is to follow the cleaning instructions on the fabric care label. If you have special fabrics like silk or antique always consult a professional. If the stain comes from mustard, coffee or other foods just treat the stain as soon as possible before it settles into the fabric.


Keeping up on routine cleaning between professional deep cleans will extend the life of your furniture.  If possible, rotate the cushions and pillows once a month. Fluff the cushions regularly by hitting both sides and dropping onto a clean surface to keep their shape.  Keep your couch out of direct sunlight.  Leather furniture should be dusted weekly with a soft cloth and a conditioner needs to be applied every 6-12 months to keep it smooth and lustrous.


Swift Flooring Services is a full-service company. From carpets to couches, tile to hardwoods, we can clean and revitalize almost any surface.  Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.