What are they for?

Rat and mouse boxes are for containing and controlling these pest both indoors and outdoors.  This boxes can be used for residential or commercial .  It is important when treating for rats and mice to eliminate any risk of poisoning your pets or even a young child.  Placing rodenticide in these boxes greatly reduces that risk.  A rat or mouse trap coming down onto small fingers or an enquiring nose can be very painful or even worse, so when using traps in a busy area placing them in a bait station can eliminate any accidental injury.

Which one should I choose?

There is quite a selection of rat bait boxes and mouse bait boxes available, but they all fill the same basic function. The important thing is to ensure you choose one that is lockable and will be supplied with a key. There is no point buying a box that cannot be locked.  

How do I bait Them?

Rat poison and mouse poison is available in block, grain and paste.  Bait boxes will accept all of these . The block bait is held on metal rods or plastic spikes and the grain or paste bait comes in sachets that can be left in the feeding area of the box.  

Where do I place them?

Rats can very observant of new objects placed in their territory but will take a while to to show interest.  Try and identify where the rats are active and even better find one of their runs and place the box on the run. These are often easier to identify outdoors. You can rub some garden refuse around the box to remove any unfamiliar odors and perhaps disguise with a piece of slate or wood, anything to make it blend in with the environment.

Mice are much more gullible and will be more eager to investigate a bait box and it contents. Place the bait boxes against the edges of cupboards, under sinks and kitchen units. Mice love to climb, so place them in areas other than the floor. If you find there has been no activity in the boxes move them around to other areas.  Check boxes regularly for signs of feeding and replace the poison as required.

For more information contact Swift Pest Services (405) 887-9438.  We can service any rat & mice issues.