Hardwood floors are an investment that most homeowners want to keep that beautiful look for as long as possible. How you maintain the floors determines how long it will last.

Preventative Maintenance

Placing rugs in entryways and runners in high traffic areas can help keep dirt off your floor.  Avoid rugs and runners with rubber backing it can cause discoloration to the wood floors.  Its also a good idea to have a “no shoes” policy to help reduce the amount of dirt that can be tracked into your home.  If you allow shoes in your home make sure they aren’t sport cleats or high heels those shoes will be damaging to a hardwood floor.  Also, when it comes to furniture make sure you have felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratches.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining hardwood floors. However, the way you clean is important for keeping the surface in good condition. Allowing dirt and grit to remain on the floor can dull the look of the wood floor. Sweep daily and  vacuum on the hardwood setting.  When spills occur, clean them immediately with a soft cloth.  If you don’t have specific instructions for your surface, use a generic cleanser. Do not use a wax base or a petroleum base cleanser.  Floors with regular cleaning still showing dirt and grim?  Call the professionals at Swift Services we will steam clean your hardwood floors and bring them back to life.