Maybe your noticing your garage floor is starting to look dull and damaged or perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home and the builder left the floor with just the naked concrete slab.  Either way now is the time to upgrade the garage floor protection since it is one of the hardest working rooms in your home.   Here’s what you need to know.

Why protection is so important

Your garage floor and driveway will take a beating.  Everyday vehicle traffic that include dirt, dust, grease, automotive fluid and household chemical spills and road salt.  Also, temperature changes will put stress on a concrete floor as it contracts when its colder and expands in warmer. 

Over a number of years, a garage floor that hasn’t been maintained will start to show its age by exhibiting any of these surface flaws:

  • cracks
  • stains from spills, leaks, and efflorescence (a white powdery substance caused by deposits from mineral salt)
  • pitting (when a surface degrades and shows many small indentations)
  • an uneven surface color
  • spalling (when a concrete surface crumbles or flakes away) 

Floor Protection Options


This high-performance coating is comprised of professional-grade materials that are applied by trained pros using special equipment to deliver long-lasting flooring protection.  This process creates a stronger foundational bond with the concrete which makes it very durable against water and chemicals.  Polyaspartic floor coatings have decorative colored flakes broadcast across the floor before the top coat is applied. This process is great for garage floors.

Concrete Resurfacer

One of the products you will run into while searching for garage floor protection is concrete resurfacers.  Its made up of a mixture of sand, Portland cement, polymer materials, and additional additives. A trowel, brush, or squeegee are typically used to apply them. Its natural cement grey in color and is a good cosmetic fix for a floor that is needing refreshed.


Another popular product homeowners choose to protect their concrere surfaces are roll-on sealers. They’re inexpensive, relatively easy to apply, and come in acrylic, latex, and urethane types.  However, sealers don’t perform at the same level as polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings when it comes to protecting a floor.  They don’t bond to concrete as well as higher quality coatings.  This coating is best for exterior concrete surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks & porches.  


They’re not as well-known as floor paints, but floor stains are another product you’ll see that promises to transform your garage floors.  There are many colors to choose from and can be very attractive, but in terms of floor protections, stains do very little as they barely penetrate into the concrete. A sealer topcoat can be applied over the stain’s thin surface coating. This provides some protection for the stain and floor surface, as well as helps to make the stain stand out more.

Ask a Professional

As you can see there is a lot of information when it comes to deciding what is best for a concrete surface. Swift Services has a solution for all your needs.  Schedule a free estimate with us today.  (405) 887-9438