Mold and Flooded Homes

If your house has been in a flood there’s a good chance you will end up with a mold problem. However there are steps you can take to prevent mold growing in your home after it’s been flooded.  

Preventing Mold After a Flood

Mold can start to grow after just a day or two so it’s important to act as quickly as possible if your home has been flooded. Make sure you only enter your home once it’s safe though.  If you’re going to perform the flood clean up yourself then you should begin my moving things outside that didn’t get wet. This is to protect them while you clean up the rest of the house.

Next you need to remove as much water from your home as you can. You can use things like buckets and mops. You can even pump the water out with pumping equipment if you have any, as long as it’s safe to use it. The fire department might also be able to help you by pumping water out of your home. Also remove any dirt, mud or other debris that came into your house during the flood.

Hiring professional mold or flood clean up experts is the best thing you can do after a flood. Water damage specialist can assess the damage and help to ensure all mold problems are taken care of.