Trying to decide between polished concrete or an epoxy floor? Many home & business owners want something low-maintenance, long-lasting, durable and appealing to their space.  The cost is a big part of making a decision.  Polished concrete is half the investment compared to applying an epoxy coating. Business owners often opt for polished concrete when the surface will only be subject to light or medium use.   For business that require a chemically-resistant surface epoxy is often the best choice. Check out this video on the durability of polished concrete vs. epoxy.

Polished Concrete Floors compared to Epoxy coating

Let’s compare to find out which is the better one. Here’s a quick comparison between the benefits of these two. This should help you and make an informed decision as to which type of flooring to go with.

Life Cycle: Polished Concrete has different sheens from a matte to a high gloss finish. Its a floor that has been mechanically altered to last up to 10 years. Most importantly, the cost of refurbishing will only be a fraction of the initial installation cost.  Epoxy is twice the cost of polished concrete floor. The lifetime of epoxy depends on the traffic and volume in the space.  Typically, it can last 3 to 5 years. When its time to refurbish the floors the removal of the first coating could cost you more than the initial installation.

 Aesthetics and Durability:  Polished Concrete is an attractive option for flooring. It can remain beautiful and clean for a long time, if maintained properly.  Epoxy floor requires regular maintenance. It can also become an eyesore once it begins to flake, peel, or chip.  Polished Concrete is a flooring system that can endure a lot of heavy machinery movement where as the Epoxy floor system is less durable.

Easy Maintenance: Polished Concrete can be cleaned by using water only. To maintain its luster for a long time, you can add some additives to an auto scrubber. Regular auto scrubbing can be a great idea (depends on the amount of wear and tear).
Epoxy can also be maintained with water, but, additional additives such as detergents are must to remove dust and debris build-up. Maintenance can become very difficult once epoxy starts to flake or peel.

The above comparison makes its clear that both options have various features and benefits to offer. But, when deciding on which floor works best for your space, a polished concrete floor is always a better option. Contact Swift Services an Oklahoma City concrete flooring company that can get you a smooth, durable, and high-quality industrial floor for years to come.

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