Polished Concrete Floor In Uptown

Oct 25, 2019 | Polished Concrete

Swift Services had the honor to work on the new Cajun Corner restaurant on 23rd street. The contractor requested a polished concrete floor with very few pits. Swift Services produces a Concrete Hyperfloor which matched up with what the new restaurant wanted for looks and durability. Polished Concrete has been on the rise for restaurants and industrial locations over the last few years. One of the main reasons that this type of flooring has been so sought after is the durability and how simple it is to keep clean.

Lets talk about how awesome this new restaurant is!!! This location is screaming with modern design mixed with cajun fusion. The food and environment are fantastic and the polished concrete just adds that little extra pizzaz. Not if, but when you go, here are a couple items we would absolutely suggest that you try! The Cream Sauce Seafood Étouffée is absolutely wonderful. It is creamy and spicy just like you would dream it up. It mixes perfect over a bed of white rice and there are plenty of hot sauces you can choose from to spice it up a little. Another thing you can do is ask them to make whatever dish you pick “extra spicy” and they can turn the heat up to your liking! The other item we tried is the Fried Seafood Basket Combo with everything you could wish for from chicken to crawfish.

The other great thing about this place I the price points are just perfect so you get great quality and you don’t have to break the bank while doing it. This restaurant is a great addition to the booming 23rd street Uptown area. The transformation in Oklahoma City has been awesome to watch, and to be a part of over the past 7 years being in business.