HOTT Wings Edmond Railyard


Edmond Oklahoma has just added a new concept that has multiple different restaurant options for patrons. Customers will have the choice to pick from burgers, ice cream, tacos, asian cuisine, a cigar lounge, and hot wings. There are quite a few new places that have adopted this multiple choice kitchen concept so customers have an all in 1 experience. Swift took part in providing polished concrete to a few of these locations, the first of which was HOTT WINGS.

Polished Concrete In HOTT Wings

How HOTT Wings Happened

Just down the street is Eddie’s Bar & Grill where the owner Eddie decided to take his hot wing recipe and turn it into a stand alone restaurant. HOTT Wings is the name he came up with, with in our opinion, the best wing place in town. The decor is complete with custom HOTT wallpaper, Flaming Lips, and abundance of televisions. Of course the look would not be complete without the polished concrete floor done by Swift Services.

HOTT Wings Menu

Beyond the hot wing selections the menu is simply fantastic with selections from potato wedges to queso smothered tater tops. The home made ranch pairs with anything, possibly even dessert. The hot wings has a wide selection of sauces that can fit whatever you are craving. Our personal favorite is the boneless gochigang with the homemade ranch! Their original HOTT Wing sauce it great for people looking for that original buffalo flavor. They have selections from 6 wings to 50 wings depending on your hunger level. The full service bar has a great selection of cocktails and beers on tap, or in bottle. The staff is extremely friendly, and if you go in on the right day you will probably run into Eddie himself. We really hope you go check out this awesome new restaurant and enjoy!