As the holidays end and a new decade begins you start planning New Year’s resolutions. Is your home on the list? Homes require regular care and maintenance so by having a plan in place could save you time and effort in the future.  

Ideas to keep you on track for a cleaner home

Floors and Walls

Set up a steady maintenance routine for all the floors and walls in your home. Clean your walls once a month.  Sweep hardwood and tile floors weekly. Meanwhile, carpets and rugs should be vacuumed as well. Industry professionals recommend scheduling cleanings every 3 to 6 months. Carpets and rugs serve as a natural filter for allergens and bacteria, but over time can fill up with dirt making them less effective. A professional service like Swift Services can renew your carpets making them look like new again.

Living Room / Den

One way your living room becomes a quick mess is that pair of shoes or socks left in the middle of the floor and then piles of junk start to stack up making it impossible to clean anything else. Set up a sweep thru plan once or 2 a week to keep this picked up & organized so the cleaning will be easier.  Just like your carpets… couches, loveseats and recliners should be cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. Ideally, it is recommended to professionally clean your upholstery once or twice a year.  Also, dust behind furniture and large electronics like a television. Little efforts now can go along way.


The kitchen is the source of some of the biggest messes in the house. Mop your floors at least every two weeks. If you have children or pets, you will need to give your floors more attention. If you have stone tiles, maintain them with regular mopping, but you should also schedule a professional cleaning every few months to keep those areas free from dirt, grime and looking new.


While many experts say you should change your sheets every one to two weeks, many of us get busy and distracted then realize it’s been four months or longer since the last time we changed the sheets.  Once a week, run a duster on blinds or vacuum with a brush attachment. Then, once or twice a year, do a more thorough cleaning with a soft cloth. Make sure you keep dirty laundry in a hamper and place “Laundry Day” on your schedule rather than let it sit for a while.


Every few days, clean the build up in your tub, shower and sink.  Keep an eye on your fixtures for any calcium build-up due to hard water. If you have a water softener, keep it thoroughly stocked to prevent this kind of buildup from even happening.
A quick scrub of toilets once a week will eliminate a huge mess later. Mop the floors every week or two and freshen up your towels on a regular basis to prevent bacterial growth. Professionally clean all tile surfaces in your bathroom a couple of times a year to keep them free from dirt, grime and bacteria.

Hallways and Entrances

In high traffic areas like hallways and entrances dirt and allergens will build up and it can get tracked to every other room in the house. Do a simple sweep around the entrance every couple of days to catch any dust before it spreads. Vacuum hallways and heavy foot-traffic areas more often because dirt can accumulate, dulling the look of your carpets. Make sure to dust wall art, and don’t forget to dust behind running tables and other hallway furniture.

By starting the new year off with a cleaner home on your list you will stay organized, tile and wood floors will shine, carpets will smell fresh and each room of your home will make you smile. 

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