A routine deep clean of the shower tile and grout is recommended at least 1 time per year.  Once this is done its important to make a habit of doing regular shower maintenance. Performing regular light-duty cleaning ensures that your shower stays clean.

Daily Cleaning Routine
Keep a spray bottle of Vinegar and make a point to use the spray each time that you shower. Giving those shower tiles a good spray down after showering will ensure that mildew and mold cannot grow on the grout and cause stains. Also, you can use a squeegee to remove excess water from the shower tiles to help keep mildew away.  You can add essential oils to your cleaning solution to help eliminate the strong vinegar odor.  

Once you begin to see discoloration in the shower grout, it’s time to get to cleaning. Doing a deep clean followed by regular maintenance will keep those shower walls and tile floors clean. Once the tile has been deep cleaned, you may want to consider using a grout sealer.

Swift Services can deep clean showers to help get started on a daily routine shower clean.