Summer is primetime for pests.  Insects, flies, mosquitoes and spiders are just to name a few.  Mice and rats will actively roam around grass and open fields.  But, as we learn these pests don’t go completely inactive in the winter. In fact the cold and wet weather will bring them inside for warmth.  Following is a list of common winter pests.

Winter Pests

Winged Carpenter Ants

These pests are like flying ants and if they are in your home during the winter it isn’t a good sign.  This could mean you have a carpenter ant nest within the structure.  This would be a good time to call in a Professional Pest Company to inspect your home.

Cluster Fly

The common “house” fly is what you see during the summer months and you may have to swat several during a cookout when the door is being opened and closed a lot. But these flies could be trying to get in out of the cold.


The house mouse is the most common rodent that you will see in your home this winter. These pests will create a comfy spot in your home especially when it starts to get colder outside.

Two species of rodents are most common in the U.S.: the Norway rat and the roof rat. Along with the common house mouse, both rats are believed to have been brought to the U.S. aboard ships bound for the New World in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bed Bugs
These blood sucking pests appear during all seasons and can cause sleepless nights for homeowners and hotel owners alike.  If you think you have bed bugs its time to call a professional pest control company to inspect your home ASAP!

Fruit Fly

The fruit fly is one of the most common, and one of the smallest flies found in the home. It is often brought into the home on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Moth Fly

Moth flies are a common small fly seen around drains – thus its common name of drain fly. Though it causes no real damage, its high numbers can cause it to become a nuisance pest in or around the home.


There are more than 35,000 known spider species in the world, with only about a tenth (3,500) of those appearing in the U.S. and often only one-tenth (350) of those in any single region. In general, spiders are good creatures, preying and feeding on flies, crickets, mites, and other household and yard pests. Most are completely harmless to humans. But when they get into your home, they can definitely be a nuisance.

Overwintering Insects

“Overwintering.” While the meaning is simple to understand it indicates how an insect spends its time over the winter, or also referred to as hibernation in order to survive the cold temperatures.

Prevent Home Invasion

  1. Rodent Control – These  creatures can enter a home or building through spaces much smaller than the roundness of their bodies and they are always looking for food, water, and shelter. So, it is important to keep an eye out for signs of mice and rats. Walk the exterior of you home to inspect for any openings. Dryer vents are a very common opening where these rodents can enter.
  2. Get Rid of Ants – To solve an ant problem, you need to first eliminate the ones you don’t see in order to get rid of the ones you do. Ants are very social insects.  Keeping your kitchen, bathroom and exterior porches clean and free of food and sticky drinks is one way to keep these pests out of your home.
  3. Spiders –  Spiders will make there way into your home quickly if you don’t take the proper steps to keeping them out.  Set up an preventative pest control service with a professional company is a consistent way to keeping them outside.  

Calling a Professional

Sometimes it is just better to call on a professional. This is true if the pest problem is ongoing, if the infestation has become large, or if the products needed for control are only authorized for use by certified professionals.  

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