Fall and Winter are the best times for rodents to start making their way into your warm and cozy home.  So, getting an early start on mouse-proofing is a good idea.  

Mice love hanging out in your pantry chewing through walls and boxes.  But they will also go into your HAVOC closet and gnaw on wires which could lead to a house fire. These pest are known for carrying a slew of illnesses and bacteria.  Their droppings can actually make allergies and asthmas much worse if not taken care of right away.  

What do Mouse Droppings Look Like?

Mouse droppings resemble dark grains of rice but rat droppings look a little wider and longer. Trails of little poop pellets are a sign that you have mice.  These droppings may not be in plain sight, so another tip could be boxes in your pantry with chew marks on them. 

Okay, so how do you get rid of mice?

Here’s what you need to do to get rid of these pests.

1. Find their entry point.

Before you put down any traps or bait, do a little search.  Try to figure out where they’re coming from and where they’re living and building nests. Once you’ve found those places, set your traps around those general areas. Ask a professional exterminators for help they can determine exactly where to put them and how many you’ll need.

2. Set store-bought traps.

The tried-and-true mousetrap are still effective. Just add a dab of peanut butter or cheese on the spring loaded trap.   There are some touchless options that will conceals mouse so you can just toss the whole thing in the trash.  ($10 for 2, amazon.com).

3. Use caulk and steel wool to seal up the house.

Steel Wool

Once you figure out the infestation inside, you’ll want to make sure you keep the mice outside.  These little critters are able to fit through openings the size of a dime. And rats? Well, they can fit through something the size of a quarter.  Even tiny holes can become an entry for rodents as they will gnaw the opening large enough to enter.  But there are two things that can’t eat through. Steel wool and caulk.  So these two things can be placed around pipes and along basement foundations.  Also, make sure the weather stripping is replaced and secured, screened vents and the openings of your chimneys are covered.  

Mice will hide underneath your car hood where its nice and warm.  But can be very damaging to the wires.  Its a good idea to check this area to ensure you don’t have a family of mice riding to work with you.

6. Seal food in airtight containers.

Put cereal and other pantry items into plastic containers and you’re less likely to attract mice. Another thing people don’t think about is pet food. If you leave it out in a dog bowl all day, that just gives rodents another source of food.

Everyone has a different idea of what they’re willing to do themselves when it comes to pest control.  But, if you get to the point of needing a professional call Swift Pest Control (405) 887-438. We have trained and certified technicians ready to inspect and treat any pests issues.