I have water damage…Now What?

If your home has become flooded from a storm, broken pipe or sewer backup its important to act quickly.  The longer the water sits the more damage to your home or office. The biggest concern should be trying to avoid and control the growth of mold. Mold is not only a health hazard, but it can also damage the infrastructure of your home or office.  Once it is safe to re-enter your home or office , every minute counts to stop the mold before it starts. The first thing you should do is call a water extraction professional to come and assess the damage. You can help jumpstart the water extraction process by removing water with a wet vacuum or pump if you have one.

Two types of water:  You see it or You don’t!

Its important that you understand the types of water that remain after you have removed most of the water.  These types of water accumulation require special water extraction techniques.

You see it! That is water just lying around your home. It may be visible, or it may be sitting in your carpet or padding. Using special water extraction tools, a technician can remove a great deal of water that a regular wet vacuum can not.

You don’t see it…water that knows how to hide, requiring a more sophisticated means of detection and water extraction because it is absorbed by drywall or into inaccessible areas of your home or office.   You may not even be aware that this water is present until you notice a mold problem.   This type of water cannot be removed through regular water extraction methods because it is out of reach can be removed using dehumidifiers and high capacity air movers. During and after the water extraction process, the area will need to be monitored for humidity levels that will indicate if the water is successfully being reduced to ensure that mold will not begin to grow.

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