Swifty’s Tips…Keeping Tile & Grout Clean

You live in your house… its gonna get dirty! The kitchen is a popular gathering place where we all spend a lot of time. In return, it requires more maintenance on the floors. Muddy paws, juice spills and dirty shoes are regular visitors into our kitchens that create mess after mess on our tile and grout.  But there are a few simple things you can do to keep your tile and grout clean.

Swifty Tip #1 – Keep Floors Dry

Even a little water on the floor can attract dirt.  Keeping those spills wiped up can help reduce the amount of dirt and grim that accumulates overtime on the tile and grout lines.  Be aware of drips when filling glasses with ice, loading or unloading the dishwasher or even draining spaghetti those things could go unnoticed and then floors become very dirty and hard to clean.

Swifty Tip #2 – Rugs or Mats in high traffic areas

Rugs can help keep the wear and tear off your floors in high traffic areas. If you have tile in your entryway, add a small rug to protect the tile just inside the door. You can also add a mat or rug in the kitchen in front of the sink to help keep splashes from soaking into your tile.

Swifty Tip #3 –  Always rinse with water

When mopping your tile always rinse with clean water to remove any cleaner residue. This also goes for spills! After you wipe up a spill, use a damp rag to wipe the area again, just to make sure there’s nothing left to soak into your tile.

Swifty Tip #4 – Be careful with furniture

Heavy furniture can scratch your tile, leaving places where dirt can get stuck. Add felt pads to the bottom of your furniture to help things slide around without scratching the floors.

Regular Professional Cleanings

The best way to get your tile and grout clean is to have the professional do it! They have the tools to get dirt and grime that a mop or broom can’t.  Schedule quarterly carpet, tile and hardwood floor cleanings to maintain and keep all your floors looking good as new. Call Swift Services today and ask how to save money with our Bundle Service. You can sign up for tile & grout, hardwood and carpet cleanings once a year and get a discount on other services we offer such as Pest Control.

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