Steps to Keeping Your Polished Concrete Clean

Daily:  Every day, you should use a dust mop to remove any particles and grime from the concrete flooring. If dirt sits on the surface of your concrete, it can seep into the pores and eat away at the polish. Dirt can act as an abrasive that dims the clarity and shine of the concrete. Use a microfiber pad on your mop to trap and lock dirt particles.

Weekly:  Every week, you should be going over the floor with a wet mop. Use clean water and a neutral floor cleaner., bucket and mop is fine if you consistently change out the water. Always use clean water when washing to avoid introducing new contaminants to the surface.  

Use a Neutral Floor Cleaner:  Use a cleaner to lift and pull up any particles that could damage the concrete. Use a pH neutral cleaner to avoid a reaction with the concrete. Don’t use acidic cleaners that can eat away at the pores of the concrete, like ammonia, bleach, pine-based cleaner, vinegar, or citrus cleaners.

Quarterly Service:  Swift Services will Clean, Burnish & Seal the polished concrete each quarter during a 12 month agreement.

1st Quarter: Clean, Burnish & Seal

2nd Quarter: Clean & Burnish

3rd Quarter: Clean & Burnish

4th Quarter: Clean & Burnish

A sealant needs to be applied 1 time during the quarterly service schedule. 

For more information about polished concrete floors call Swift Services (405) 887-9438