Carpet gives a room personality, warmth and comfort. But taking care of it can be a big chore and people don’t always give it the proper attention it requires.  Vacuuming plays a key role in keeping your carpet clean and fresh.  Here a few reasons why you should vacuum your carpet on a regular basis.

To Prevent Dust and Dirt Build-up

Vacuuming your carpet at least 1 a week can help eliminate dust and dirt buildup.  High foot traffic areas, such as the living room may need to be vacuumed more than 1 time per week.  Dirt and dust build up quickly t when there is constant use.  If the carpet isn’t vacuumed regularly  the dirt will start to accumulate and the carpet may start to look dingy and will also lead to a slow destruction of your carpet.    

 Carpet is the largest filtration in your home

If carpets are not being vacuumed it could lead to a number of health issues for you and your family. Your carpet filters every bit of dust, dirt, fungi, bacteria and other particles that can stuck in the fibers of the carpet.  Over time it can turn into a health hazard.  This is why vacuuming should be done regularly; to make sure these hygiene and health risks are removed from your carpet.

To Maintain its Appearance and Condition

Carpets that are vacuumed regularly will stay clean and in good condition.  It  will also keep them fresh and carpet will last longer. Not vacuuming it can lead to dust and dirt build-up, which can slowly destroy your carpet, as well as make it look ugly and unappealing. Dust and dirt can been seen on light colored carpet as browning can occur making it look old and unattractive.  Vacuuming is a very important step in taking care of your carpet. If you love your carpet, make sure to vacuum it regularly to keep it looking clean and fresh while maintaining its condition.

What types of Vacuum Cleaners are Best?

The type of vacuum cleaner you will need to purchase depends on the purpose. Of course, cleaning floors is what a vacuum does the best, but you will need to understand what type of floors you will be cleaning most often. If you are looking for a vacuum to handle highly traveled areas inside of your home, there is a vacuum for that. If you want to clean bare floors, there is a vacuum for that as well. There are may choices when choosing the right vaccum for your needs.  Here is a complete list of the types of vaccums.  Click here for types of vacuums

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