Many homes have carpeted areas that get a ton of traffic and probably gets vacuumed regularly, but how often does it get a good deep clean? Every home is different and some may need a good cleaning once a year where others could go as long as 18 months.  Here are the reasons why?

Children & Pets

 If you have kids and pets there is a good chance you will have more messes in your home. Its almost a guarantee.  When you have one or the other or both this would require routine carpet cleaning to help keep spills, dirt, grim and bacteria out of your carpets. 


While the fibers in carpets do work as a filter to collect dust and other allergens within the air once too many of these build up in the carpet, every time someone walks across it they will become airborne.  So, staying on a routine carpet cleaning schedule will help reduce the amount of allergens in your carpet.

So How Often Should You Clean Carpets?

The straightforward answer is every 12 to 18 months to rid your carpets of bacteria and debris and to keep them looking and feeling their best. If you have kids, pets, or allergy suffers in your home, you may want to get on a routine clean once every six to eight months. You can call a professional or DIY with these steps below.   

1. Start Vacuuming:   Move furniture and cords so you can get every spot on the carpet with the vacuum in order to remove as much debris as possible. Vacuum in two different directions to be most effective. 

2. Test the Carpet Cleaner:  Read the directions and test a small area of your carpet to ensure it doesn’t cause any discoloring of the carpet. From there, use the cleaner to spot-treat prominent stains on the carpet. Stubborn stains, you may want to spot-treat them ahead of time before using the carpet cleaner.

3. Clean:   Make sure it’s filled with hot water. As you push the machine forward, it pushes out the water and steam to clean the carpet. As you move the machine backwards over those same spots, it sucks up the water it had deposited in order to keep the carpet as dry as possible and avoid the development of mold and mildew. Keep the same cleaning pattern for best results.  

4. Let Carpet Dry:  Let it dry for 24 hours and If possible, open windows to let fresh air in or use a fan (or both). After the carpet is completely dry, run your vacuum over it one more time and put your furniture back in place and enjoy your fresh clean carpets again.   

If you are not satisfied with the DIY process call Swift Flooring Services.  We can help get even some of the toughest carpets looking fresh and clean again.