There are many benefits of a polished concrete. Durability is unbeatable, the beauty is beyond compare, and maintenance is a breeze. The longevity and head turning look of polished concrete are often the first things noted, but the cleaning is definitely one of the most important day-to-day benefits to keeping your floor shinny and new.  

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a unique flooring option. It’s not a topical product that creates the look; it’s a process of grinding, smoothing and polishing a concrete slab to produce that beautiful finish. The surface is ground with diamond-tip tools to achieve a level of aggregate (rock) exposure and shine level. Polished Concrete over time may need to be re-polished to bring back that shine.

Basic Maintenance

Daily maintenance for your polished concrete floors is as simple as cleaning up spills as they happen. This can be done by dry and wet mopping with a pH-neutral cleaner that is designed to be used on polished concrete.  But avoid using bleach, vinegar or citrus as these products can weaken the bonds in the concrete and damage the floor’s finish or turn it into an unsafe walking surface.

Swift Services: Polished Concrete Professionals

We know that polished concrete is one of the best flooring options available.  If you’re considering polished concrete for your home or office, we’d be happy to help you with this decision. Our professional concrete services care for your floors from start to finish by providing concrete surface preparation, concrete polishing, and maintenance plans for your polished concrete floors. Contact us today to begin your polished concrete floor.