What You’ll See if you Have Termites

Mud Tubes

Discarded Wings

Termite Droppings: they look like pellets of wood, the size of coffee.

Damaged Wood

Bubbling Paint: could be water damage, but a professional could help you.

Types of Termites

These are termites living underground

Live inside the wood and eat it from inside. Example: inside the attics, the door frames, window frames 

They eat damp, moist wood and could affect houses with moisture or plumbing problems.

How Often Should You Treat for Termites

  • Routine inspection – 1 Time Per Year

  • Before buying a house

  • Before selling a house 

  • If you have signs of termites

If you think you have termites call a professional to do an inspection.  Swift Pest Control Services can help (405) 887-9438.