The seasons are changing and the temperature is cooling but those allergies are still hanging around. Winter can be a nice break from seasonal allergies, but when those allergens are hanging around in your air ducts it can be hard to find relief.  Fall and spring are good seasons to have your air duct system professionally cleaned.

Do You See the Buildup?

One of the most basic tips in air duct cleaning is that ducts should be clean when a significant amount of buildup has occurred inside them. You typically won’t notice this dirt and debris clogging up duct work until there’s some other reason to open a vent or air duct. Some other types of repair or maintenance could show it’s time to clean duct work.

Air Quality in Your Home

Here’s another good time to clean, you might get complaints from your family of respiratory irritation or the heightening of allergies. Don’t ignore this, instead look at whether it might be time to clean air ducts. When buildup gets bad enough, it affects the air quality.  Not only do clean vents help you breathe better, they may also help save money as the winter months come. Debris in your vents restrict how air can travel through your HVAC system. Restricted air flow can make your system work harder and for longer amounts of time as it tries to reach and maintain the desired temperature. With a clean duct system, your HVAC unit will have an easier time pushing the warm air into your home this winter and your energy bill will be lower.

An HVAC system that works overtime will have a shorter lifespan than one that can move air with ease. Help your allergies  this winter and call Swift Services to get an air duct cleaning.