Fleas are hard to deal with and can take days, even weeks to fully exterminate all of them from your home and carpets.  Its always a good idea to treat your pets and examine them to make sure they are healthy and free of fleas.  These pests are really small and hard to spot, you may catch one jumping in the air and can also bite leaving a nasty red itching circle on your skin.  So if you don’t notice an ongoing flea infestation, you’ll definitely feel it. 

How to get rid of fleas in your carpet


Vacuum the carpets:  Fleas love carpet because its resembles hair and once you see fleas start vacuuming quickly it could fix the problem.  Make sure you throw the vacuum bag outside.

Clean Pets Bedding:  Most often you’ll get a flea infestation from your pet. That’s why it’s important to wash your dog or cat and take them out of the room. Vacuum their bed, steam clean it and leave it outside to dry.

Shampoo Carpets:  Washing your carpets with shampoo is also another good way to get rid of fleas and flea eggs in your carpet.
However, using shampoo isn’t an option for everyone, as you’ll have to take out the rug and wash it outside. You can’t just take out the carpeting out of your house. So, unless you have the time to take out your carpets and wash them outside, we advise you book a steam cleaner to deal with this problem for you.

Steam Clean the Carpets:  Steam cleaning your carpets will kill fleas in all stages. Steam will get rid of the four stages of the flea’s life cycle – egg, larva, pupa, and adult.  Fleas are known to die in temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees. The steam coming from a professional steam cleaner is twice as high. Steam cleaning will also kill any fleas that are in your furniture.  

Use insecticides – Call A Professional:  Killing the fleas with the help of insecticides is the most effective method. Professional pest controllers know exactly how to deal with a pest infestation. 

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