If you see droppings, gnawed furniture or have a musky smell…you could have mice.  These signs help homeowners to identify nesting areas. Mouse nests are made from shredded fibers and other found materials. They are common in undisturbed areas such as shoeboxes and storage crates.  Its very important to recognize an infestation as early as possible.  Mice feed primarily on grains, oats and corn, but will also feed on what is available to them.   Mice are excellent climbers, adept jumpers and are capable of fitting through openings much smaller than their bodies.  One female mouse can produce as many as 10 litters in one year.  Keep reading for tips on how to keep mice out of your home.

Tips on How to Keep your Home Free Of Mice

1. Eliminate entry points

Building mice out of your home, is an effective way to stop mice infestations from starting in the first place. Defend your home from mice by closing points of entry and easy access. This can be difficult because a mouse has the ability to squeeze itself into even the smallest of openings. A good rule of thumb is if you can fit a pencil into a crack, hole or opening, a mouse can get through it.  Seal cracks in the foundation as well as openings in the walls. Pay extra attention to utility pipes and vent openings. You can place steel wool around the pipes and vents, but avoid using plastic, rubber, wood or anything else mice can easily gnaw through. Get weather stripping for door and window gaps and make sure the sweep on your door creates a seal against the threshold when it’s closed.

2.  Bait Stations

Use these to keep rodents out of your home.  It is sealed packets containing meal or pellets. They typically come in plastic, paper or cellophane wrapping, allowing the mice to easily gnaw through and get at the food. The mice feed on this bait and die.  This is a great way to get rid of mice, however these products are best handled by trained pest management professionals.  

3.  Keep your house clean

Mice can survive on just 3 to 4 grams of food per day, so a few crumbs here and there are all they really need. Vacuum your floors and be sure to wipe down counters and remove crumbs. Store food in glass jars or airtight containers. Don’t forget about securing your garbage. Mice have sharp incisor teeth so they can chew through just about anything, even concrete…so plastic bags are no match for hungry rodents.

4.  Prep the exterior of your home

Remove debris around your home where mice can hide. Keep weed control and destroy burrows and nesting areas as you find them. Lining your home’s foundation with a strip of heavy gravel is a good way to prevent nesting and burrowing. The less debris and clutter around your home, the easier it is to spot signs of rodent activity and stop mice before they reach the interior of your home.  

5.  Got a Cat?

Cats love to hunt mice. In fact it might be the best way to catch a mouse.  Many people who have barns also have barn cats.  Its a great way to reduce the mouse population. 

Still having trouble getting rid of those pesky mice?  Call Swift Pest Control Services will inspect your home and set up a treatment right away.