Facts You Need to Know About the Pincher Bug

Why are they called Earwigs?

Earwigs name itself comes from an old folk’s tale that suggests these bugs would crawl into the ears of people and lay eggs inside the brain. This however isn’t true, they do however have two long pincers protruding at the end of their body, which is where they get their nickname, the “pincher bug”.

What do Earwigs do?

Earwigs are scavenger insect that spends time sleeping during the day and hunting and eating at night. They aren’t very social and don’t belong to any queen or colony, Their lives are spent searching for pleasant environments while hunting and eating. Earwigs do have pincers that they use to hunt prey but not a threat to people. 

How Long to they Live?

Earwigs can live up to one year.  Mating season is in the autumn and winter, with eggs hatching in the spring. Earwigs undergo metamorphosis in which they change stages from egg to nymph (baby/juvenile) to adult. They will molt five times during the process of becoming an adult.

When is Earwig Season?

Late spring and early summer. In the colder, winter months, earwigs will stay underground to keep warm. Mother earwigs will lay eggs in the beginning of spring.  While earwigs like to find a cool and moist environment to live in, they are very much a warm weather insect.

What Kills Earwigs?

Pesticides will effectively penetrate an earwig’s skin and kill them. Substances that can drown an earwig such as soap and water, alcoholic based mixtures, or oil-based liquids can all potentially lure and kill earwigs. Natural options such as birds, frogs, centipedes.