Drapes and curtains can make a room feel complete. But they also attract dust and dirt,  which can be a health issue for people with allergies.  Its also a challenge when deciding how to maintain your curtains or drapes because some fabrics require dry-cleaning which can be very expensive.  Are there other options without the expense of dry-cleaning? Well the answer is yes—in some situations. Although dry-cleaning may be the only option for some premium fabrics, some can be washed in a washer, and others can be brushed and vacuumed to remove most dust and grime.

Types of Fabrics 

Curtains and drapes with lining:   Always dry-clean these. Some drapes and curtains fabric is washable but the lining is not. So, getting it professionally dry cleaned is the best option otherwise the lining will shrink and the drapes or curtains will not hang correctly.

Wool and cashmere: Always dry-clean these fabrics.

Cotton: Drapes made with cotton can usually be hand- or machine-washed, provided they are unlined.

Synthetic fabrics: Dry-cleaning solvents may degrade synthetic fabrics, so these should be hand- or machine-washed or cleaned by a professional service.

Silk curtains:  Hand-washed with a mild dishwashing soap and hang up to dry.

Sheer curtains: These are fragile fabrics that should be soaked  in cold water with a mild detergent. If using a machine, use the gentlest cycle possible, and only if the fabric is suitable. To dry, put sheer curtains in a dryer on no heat and add one or two soft terry-cloth towels.

Weekly & Professional Care

Vacuum drapes once a week from top to bottom.  If you don’t have a brush attachment on your vacuum, you can use a long-handled broom with soft, synthetic fibers to help keep dust from building up. Vacuuming your drapes every week will help reduce allergies as well.   Commercial dry cleaners may not have experience in cleaning fine draperies. Call a professional steam cleaning company that specializes in Drape cleaning.  Swift Services can help with any questions or concerns you may have. Just give us a call at (405) 887-9438.