If your carpet fails, you will want to know what your warranty covers.  Many people might think the warranty will protect us from any failure, but it often doesn’t address certain problems, leaving us confused and frustrated.   Buyers need to read the warranty information to eliminate any surprises that might come later. Like any other feature for carpet, consider the warranty when making your selection.  Now this doesn’t mean you should prioritize warranty, but it should be one of the deciding factors when purchasing carpet.

Most common types of warranties

Wear Warranty or Quality Assurance Warranty

This is the most common warranty on every carpet. This warranty says the carpet will not fall apart, literally.  But this warranty isn’t much as it really doesn’t guarantee anything about the actual performance of the carpet.

Texture Retention or Appearance Retention Warranty

This definitely should be in the warranty.  It covers the carpet losing its original texture due to untwisting of the fibers.  When this happens your carpet will look flat or fuzzy.  Not all carpets have a texture retention warranty, so be sure to read the warranty information carefully. If the carpet has a 20+-year texture retention warranty the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in the product. Carpets without the texture retention warranty will probably need to be replaced in about 5 years.

Stain and Soil Warranty

This warranty deals with stains on your carpet and how well they will come out. The first part of understanding this warranty is knowing the difference between staining and soiling.

Staining is spilling a cup of coffee or a glass of wine that leaves stain.  Soiling is a residue left on the fibers which will attract dirt.  Make sure you read and understand the soil & stain warranty.  Some warranties have stain exclusions.   Manufacturers need to protect themselves, and consumers need to remember that no carpet is completely stain-proof. You’ll have to follow the maintenance instructions on the label carefully or else the manufacturer won’t be obligated to honor the warranty.

Hire a Carpet Cleaning Professional

The cleaning procedure for your carpet may involve hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Swift Services offers a loyalty program that will set you up on routine carpet cleaning and maintenance.   This will help you stay within your carpet warranty.  Swift will keep a record of each cleaning so you can submit to the warranty company if needed at anytime.  Contact Swift Services at (405) 887-9438 or visit us at swiftservices.com.