All the Do’s

Vacuum often: One of the most important things is tp routinely vacuuming. Vacuuming will help pick up the dust, dirt, and any food materials making your carpet look clean. It also fluffs up all the individual strands of the carpet which may be crushed over a long time due to the weight of furniture or traffic. Using a high-quality vacuum with great suction power will help keep carpets looking great.

Rotate furniture: Heavy furniture after a long period of time can sag into the carpet causing worn patches and indents. Every month shift the furniture few inches and then vacuum on the furniture marks.  Again after a few months, you can shift them to their original position. 

Create some new paths: High traffic areas start to wear overtime.  If possible reorganize the furniture to create new paths and give certain areas of carpet a break.  

Invest in mats: The outdoor dirt is the biggest problem. So keeping mats at every entrance can be able to wipe off their shoes and leave the dust and dirt far away from the carpet.

Trust professionals: If the problem bigger than what you can handle. Call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stains and can restore your carpe. Professionals do their best to clean and remove stains that have been hanging around for way to long.

All the Don’ts 

Don’t let the stains sit: for a longer period if a stain sits it cannot remove easily. Very quickly clean the spot with some DIY treatment like club soda. Pour a little amount of club soda on the spot and blot it try and remove it with a fresh towel.

Don’t wear shoes:  shoes on the carpet bring in all things from the outdoors.   It is better to leave the shoe at the door. If you want to wear the shoes inside then invest a new pair of shoes or new slippers which are used for the indoor purpose only.