Check-Out this list of bug repellent plants


The scent of a marigold deter mosquitoes, and even rabbits. Plant near your front or back doors.  Rabbits love vegetable gardens and these plants will keep them out.  




The best plant to keep bugs away.  Some repellents use an ingredient in this flower because of how effective it is. These flowers deter: Ants,  Japanese beetles, Roaches, Bed bugs, Spider, mites, Ticks and Silverfish

Mint & Basil 
Mint is a plant that grows very rapidly.  It’s a great repellant for spiders, ants, and mosquitoes.  Basil is also good for mosquitoes but best for hose flies.   Place plants by your backdoor to discourage them from getting inside. 

Citronella grass: Mosquitoes
Chives: Japanese Beetle repellant
Bay leaves: Files and Roaches.
Rosemary:  Helps repel a variety of pest in the vegetable garden

Is Your Lawn Protected?
These plants should help enjoy your backyard with fewer bugs this year. But bugs can be clever, and they’ll find ways past most defenses. If you’re finding that even these plants aren’t helping, let us know. The best way to protect is to prevent them from coming into your home.  Swift Pest Control and help keeps pests out of you home all year long,