Epoxy coatings are one of the most durable and toughest finishes that can be applied to a floor.  This type of coating is perfect for high trafficked areas such as kitchens which makes it a very common flooring option for commercial kitchens.  In addition to its protection , epoxy is perfect for an instant facelift for dated or worn out floor.  From a range of color options, to durability and cleanliness there are numerous benefits that make epoxy flooring a great choice for your kitchen.  

Epoxy-Enhanced Paints vs Epoxy Coating: The Difference in Durability

Epoxy coating is completely different from paint.  Some paints may have a small amount of epoxy added to them for increased durability, but they are still paints.   Epoxies are very heat resistant, and up to five times stronger than normal floors.  For best result prep the floor before applying the coating.  Remove any existing glue or paint and when the epoxy is applied it will create a bond that is both durable, strong and long lasting.

Color and Design

Color choices and durability of epoxy flooring have made it quite popular. Both industrial and residential kitchens can benefit from epoxy coatings.  Use it to create a shine that is beautiful and eye-catching, the options for epoxy coatings range from solid hues to custom blends of color flakes.  In a blended option, the color flakes remain distinct. This makes it perfect for a themed floor and creates a color palette to complements the overall kitchen design.  

Stain Resistant and Cleaner

Aside from the beautiful appearance of the floor, the epoxy provides a hardened application that is very thick, and completely resilient to stains, surface abrasions, and chipping. Also, some coatings can be designed to help combat germs, such as those used in hospital settings. This is particularly beneficial for kitchen settings and the amount of food processed through them.

Epoxy is used in all different parts of the home because of their ease of application, durability, and design options. Professionals can quickly install these floors to provide a beautiful and durable floor that is perfect for an area like a kitchen, which undergoes high traffic volume and sees a lot of mess caused by food and its preparation.  

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